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TICOM is Facebook for crypto investors share, connect and learn together about the latest trends and insights of the crypto markets. Join groups and forums, invite your friends and customers in private groups chat with them in real time. share media files like videos, photos, and images.

Groups and Forums

As a member of TICOM you can engage in different groups and forums we already have and even can create your own group and invite your friends and customers to join them.


We post every day highly profitable signals in our Crypto Signals Group. Many of our group members make 10-50% profit on short term and mid term signals. Up to 200% profit on long term signals. Get trade signals for #Poloniex #Bittrex #Yobit #HitBtc and many other exchanges. We also have a TELEGRAM group for instant notification of signals.

Private and Public Chat

You have never seen this kind of powerful chat system in any online communities allowing members to chat one-on-one and also in public.


Join our affiliate program and earn 5% of the invested amount of your referrals in TICOM investment packages. we pay our affiliates in the form of Bitcoin ever 24 hours. Joining as an affiliate is FREE and you can track all your referrals and click statistics in our AFFILIATE PORTAL.

First Class Support

Our live chat is available 24×7 you can chat with our agents and discuss any issues you face on our website and also about investment packages and affiliate payout related inquiries.

TICOM’S Investment Packages

Earn up to 23% ROI every month on your investment. we have been successfully paying our members every month anywhere between 21-23% on their investment. So members make 50 Dollars and some make up to 7000 Dollars. For more details please click the below button.

Discover Community

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Once you join TICOM you get access to like-minded people who are into the crypto space, groups, forums and live chat options to connect with other investors. 🙂

Promote your affiliate products and services recommend them other trusted investment offers and many more things 🙂

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Join Our Affiliate Program

Once you join TICOM you can promote our investment packages which pay up to 23% to the investors and you get paid 5% of the invested amount by your referrals.

Example: One of your friends invests $1000 into our investment packages then you get paid $50 and he gets 23% ROI every month. so a win-win for all of us.

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Invest in Our Elite Packages

This is an option for people who like to earn passive income every month without the much hard work and don’t like to trade the markets themselves. Due to high volatility of the crypto markets, it’s not a game for everyone or newbies to take part in day trading and win always.

But with our elite investment packages, you win every month. our members get paid 21-23% ROI on their invested amount.

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TICOM Investment Packages!

Our investment packages are 100% safe and secure. You can invest with TICOM with full confidence. No delay in payments, Get paid on 5-7th of every month. Invest in the form of Bitcoin and Get paid in Bitcoin.

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